Lauren + Kalli {Married}

Lauren and Kalli are two of my favorite people. I met Kalli in college, later down the road I saw that she and her best friend Lauren were into photography. I was engaged to Devon and loved there work, so I asked them to do our wedding photography. They were underpaid and overworked with the two of us but they made a huge impact on me through out the process and are one of the biggest reasons I decided to pursue photography full time. They are two of the most genuine, loving, kind, and creative people. Anyone who knows them can see their love and commitment to one another is so real and clear. Over the last few years of forming a beautiful relationship, they married in Seattle last month. They gave me the awesome honor of photographing there wedding reception a few weeks ago. The evening was literally perfect. Amazing venue, Beautiful Plano sunset, small and intimate group, great dance moves, beautiful toasts, wine and margs, and every emotion in the books. All the feels. 

They purchased the flowers locally and made the arrangements themselves. Everything DIY with the help of family and friends...even the cakes! They had several big white balloons with greenery wrapped around the strings that accompanied us on the dance floor and set that back drop for family photos. Super creative and fun all together! I hope you enjoy a very small glimpse at this beautiful night between two amazing people!

Cheers Coleman's!


We love you two!

We love you two!