Portland {Travel}

This trip was very unplanned. Im learning though that most unplanned things in life turn into the best moments. My good friend Alexa with, Alexa Ray Studios, told me about this opportunity a couple weeks before and it so happened to be the perfect time for me to get away! So, I traveled to Portland on a whim to attend the Possible workshop. Lead by incredible artists and photographers like: Jesh De Rox, Ed Peers, and Gabe McClintock. Most of our two days together were spent listening and taking in as much as we could, asking questions, and hearing others stories. The last day we took off in the afternoon and headed to Latourell Falls, by way of party bus, to photograph in a beautiful setting and do some hands on stuff! While in Portland, I was able to join other local photographers for a 'Insta meet' and it was a sweet opportunity to explore more of this beautiful city! Hope you all enjoy!